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Did you make sure you used .remove on the right element? Here is an example:

newText( "context" , "This is the context sentence").print()
newText("space", "Press space to continue").italic().print()
newKey(" ").wait()
newController("DashedSentence", {s: "This is the dashed sentence"})

If you don’t need to check whether the participant’s answer is correct at runtime (ie. you don’t need to give positive or negative feedback, for example) then simply indicate which answer is correct in a column of your table and reference it in a .log command on the closing parenthesis of newTrial. Same thing about group. You can find an illustration on page 8 of the tutorial (“Trial templates & tables”). Here is a short example:

AddTable("myTable", `question,answer1,answer2,correct,group
What is the result of 2+3*4?,14,20,answer1,tricky
Who is the only other child of my sibling's parents?,my cousin,me,answer2,tricky
What is the result of 2+3+4?,9,24,answer1,control
Who is the only child of my parents?,my cousin,me,answer2,control`)

Template( "myTable" , row =>
    newText( row.question ).print()
    newText( "answer1" , row.answer1 ).print(),
    newText( "answer2" , row.answer2 ).print()
    newSelector("answer").add( getText("answer1") , getText("answer2") ).log().wait()
  .log( "correct" , row.correct )
  .log( "group" , )

And yes, the DashedSentence controller records reaction times, and PCIbex makes sure to always record everything that original Ibex controllers record, so you will be able to find reaction times as extra columns for your trial in your results file as long as you use .log on your Controller element. Make sure to always take a testrun yourself just before sending your experiment’s link to your participants, and check that the results file reports all you need for analyses.


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