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Thank you for you help. everything is ok now.

The only problem now is that I want some of my questions to appear in different pages.
I have the context sentence
the dashed sentence
then the comprehension question
the rating question and the multiple choice question

My questions are now followed by each other in the same page with the context and dashed sentence, which may influence the answers of the participants. I tried .remove() but it was not successful.

Also, each of my question has a different correct answer that I want it to be explicit in the analyses stage. so I know how many have chosen the right answer. How can I do that? you said something about answer 1 answer2.. etc is that where the “correct” answer should be? and that will not make it be explicit in the experiment but in the results?

Another question about the groups. I have two groups that going to complete the experiment: Control and Instruction group. How can I separate the results of each group? to compare them later?

Also, I want to make sure that the result will show the reaction time of the dashed sentence. So PCibex will do that right?

Sorry if I am asking so many questions.

Thank you.