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Hi Jeremy,

He was not one of the people who were caught by our attention checking exclusion criteria. We discovered that he was using a translator because the code at the end of our experiment was an English word, and the code got translated, too, so it told him he had an invalid code, and he emailed me with screenshots to prove that he had completed the experiment that showed the code in Spanish. He also told me that the sentences had shown in English, but when I tested it with the same google translate extension I saw in his screenshots, they were in Spanish. I do worry that this has possibly been happening before without us catching it, since his performance on the task was actually above average…kind of a shame that we had to exclude him anyway.

I am interested in trying out the HTML canvas method, since that seems like it could be integrated with the PC template. But I’m not exactly sure how to get started – it seems like the PC HTML element is mostly for forms which are already created. Can I put “raw” HTML into an HTML element in PennController such that I can fill it with item.Sentence?

Thank you very much for your help!