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Hi Itamar,

When defining a sequence of trials manually (in your case, using the Sequence command) you need to make sure that all your trials are properly labeled for them to be executed in the order you stipulate. The command SetCounter actually creates a trial, which is no exception to this rule.

I think the following should accomplish what you want:


PennController.Sequence( "increase", "welcome", "practice1", "practice2", "practice3", randomize("experiment"), "goodbye" );

If you don’t manually define the sequence of trials (i.e. no Sequence command and no definition of the internal Ibex shuffleSequence variable) then the trials are run in the top-down order in which they appear in your script. In your case, since SetCounter appears at the top of your script, it would be the first trial to be executed (if you had no Sequence command—are you sure this isn’t a recent addition?).

Let me know if that solved your issue and if you have any questions


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