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Hi Sander,

First, I see from your code that you are using a mix of native-Ibex and PennController code, and some obsolete function names (e.g. FeedItems). This is fine and functional, but you might want to consider updating your code (see the documentation and in particular the tutorial for pointers):

// No need for manualSendResults = true if you use PennController.SendResults (see below)

// No need for showProgressBar = true (it's a default)

// No need for shuffleSequence = seq() when using PennController.Sequence 
PennController.Sequence("setcounter","consent","instructions","scaleinstr","distract", "debrief","send","thanks");


// ...

// Template now replaces FeedItems
PennController.Template( "CSV_ITEMS_Diff.csv" , // No need to setGroup: columns named "Group" are automatically detected as such
  item => PennController( // You might want to consider having a label here, e.g. "scaleinstr" or "distract"?
    newTimer("blank", 1000)
    // ...

PennController.SendResults("send"); // No need for setting manualSendResults

As you see from the code above, you are probably not seeing your items because their labels do not match the ones listed in your sequence. Take a look at the first example of the documentation page for PennController.Template to see how you can label table-generated trials.

Let me know if you have any questions