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Thanks for your message, Jeremy! I have a clarification question on this:

2. All should be fine as long as you specify the right table for each Template command, and as long as your tables contain the same set of values in their Group columns (since PennController 1.4). That is, if trials are generated from rows where Group is A is table 1, trials will be generated from rows where Group is A in table 2.

Does that mean that I will have to add a Group variable for the fillers csv’s as well? Since the fillers will have to be same for each subject regardless of the list each subject is assigned to, that would mean that I would have to replicate all the fillers for each of the list and assign each replication to a list. Is that correct? If so, I am tempted to stick to the original plan of having separate projects for each list and then use R to bind all results files together.