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I am going to jump in the conversation since I have an almost similar question.

I have 6 word lists of the same rating experiment. Right now I have 6 different PCIbex projects with the same script, but different word lists (= 6 different csv’s); each experiment also has a number of fillers (they are the same across projects). As far as I could gather from your explanation, Jeremy, I can collapse the 6 lists in a single csv and add a “Group” column with the number from 1 to 6. I would then have to put PennController.SetCounter(); at the beginning of the experiment so that the counter increments as soon as a new participant start the experiment, but then PCIbex will deal with it. Is that correct? If so, I have three remaining questions:

1. To store which group each subject has been associated with, I should just call the .log command for the corresponding column, right?
2. In my code, the set of fillers is coded separately from the set of trials (i.e., they have different PennController.Template() calls) and they refer to different csv’s. Could this possibly mess with the grouping of the actual trials?
3. Do you think that changing the URL and enforcing selection of a specific word list would be more reliable than exclusively relying on PCIbex? We are going to use AMT, so either way will work from the recruitment side; I was just wondering which method would be optimal.