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Hi Leo,

I took the liberty of moving your topic in the Support subsection of the forums.

The global PennController command works the same whether inside or outside the scope of a PennController.Template command. So you can simply do:

PennController.Template(   PennController.GetTable("target.csv").filter("block", "1"),
    (item) => PennController( "block1" , 

You could indeed also use the .label command on the closing parenthesis of the global PennController command (i.e. before the closing parenthesis of Template).

If you don’t specify any label, the Template command will look for a column named Label in your table and, if it finds one, it will use the value in the Label cell to label the generated trials. If it finds no column named Label, it will label the generated trials Item-N, where N is a number (which means you could then end up with multiple trials sharing the same label if you use multiple Template commands with no explicit label).

Hope things are clearer now!