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Hi Jeremy,

1. I’m not sure why you say that you can’t put all the stimuli in one CSV file: you can use their labels (as defined according to the Item column) to determine their order in PennController.Sequence (maybe you want to use the endsWith function described in the original Ibex manual)

Re. the cross-table groups, support is currently shaky, I would say. If your Group column is the same in both tables (i.e. the different values appear in the same order in both tables’ columns) then I think it should automatically select the rows from the same group for all tables.

I can’t put all the stimuli in one CSV file because there seems to me to be no way to then customize the order of presentation in PennController.Sequence. I have tried to call PennController.GetTable() in PennController.Sequence but did not work:

PennController.Sequence( seq (
   shuffle(PennController.GetTable("4r_1.csv").filter("condition", /warm_up/)), 
   seq(rshuffle(PennController.GetTable("4r_1.csv").filter("condition", /list/)),     
   rshuffle(PennController.GetTable("4r_1.csv").filter("condition", /filler/)) ) );

This is I figured that I have to split the trials in multiple csv and have different PennController.Template() calls (with different names) for each of them. I guess this is what you were referring to as “shaky” in your comment.
I did not understand what you meant when suggesting to use the trials’ labels (i.e. something like startsWith(Item-)). In my csv table, I defined two columns: Item, which lists all the words to be presented, and condition, which groups words together with respect to the condition to test. None of the IBEX original functions, it seems to me, would help to ensure the order or presentation I want (i.e., first the warmup condition trials, then shuffling between list condition trials and filler condition trials).