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Hi, @Jeremy! Thanks ! See, I could change the message, but is it impossible to change the links’s message as well? I cannot have that amount of text, my participants are learning how to read, this can bias the experiment (this is a reading experiment and there will be a version in portuguese as well). Is there a way to change the link’s message too ? (or to turn it into a button, maybe) ?

I’m refering to this msg: *By clicking this link I understand that I grant this experiment’s script access to my recording device for the purpose of uploading recordings to the server designated by the experimenter(s).*

// 👉 Record audio

"Recording audio warning message here"
//.label("first-trial"));  // why is it here?

// 👉  Experimental trial: 

//Template("items.csv", row =>
// newMediaRecorder(ELEMENT_NAME: string, ["audio"], ["video"])
    newMediaRecorder("recorder", "audio")
    newTimer("recording", 3000)
       // .wait()