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    I apologize for what I am sure is a stupid question, but I am having issues with setting up InitiateRecorder to record audio. I am unfamiliar with the process of setting up a server as is needed, but I thought I had figured it out and yet it still will not work.

    In the documentation, it says “You need to have access to a server where you can upload and execute a PHP file, and which will authorize the PHP file to upload ZIP files to a subfolder. Free web hosting services such as Dropbox or Google drive typically do NOT offer that option. Web hosting solutions that you access via FTP/SSH (e.g., Dreamhost) would typically do the job.” I am trying to set the server through Box, which you can access using FTP ( So, I followed the instructions provided by Box using a program called FileZilla to access my Box account, but I do not know how to get a link to the PHP file. I can right-click the file in FileZilla and “Copy URL” but this gives me something beginning in “ftpes” not “https”. I tried this URL anyway but it gives me an error saying “MediaRecorder’s save URL is incorrect”. Is it possible to even use Box as a server for what I am trying to do? I have a colleague who has offered me his Dreamhost server for me to use, but I would prefer to use my personal premium Box account if I can. Is it more obvious how to get Dreamhost to work?

    I apologize if this a little off-topic since it involves several outside programs, but I have no idea where else to ask this question. I really appreciate any help. Thanks.



    Unfortunately I don’t think Box supports PHP at the moment. It may be possible to use another API to handle the upload request that’s sent by PennController, but I never got around to trying that out because I only have access to Box through a university account, and administrators won’t grant access to the API for security reasons. If you are also using Box via an institution, I encourage you to inquire about it before spending too much time and energy on this. I can see why you’d rather not add another third party in the loop for data collection, but I have to say that using Dreamhost would definitely be much easier

    Let me know which route you end up deciding to go, I would be happy to provide assistance either way


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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