getElement(id).refresh() (since PennController 1.1)

Calls the command print again on the element, while leaving it where it was printed last.

This command is primarily useful if some aesthetic command does not take effect unless print is called afterward, but you do not want to call print because calling it when you need the aesthetic command to take effect would move the element undesirably.

NOTE: PennController 1.1 handles this command incorrectly and it bugs systematically (draft)


[js highlight=”17″ try=”true”]
newImage( “smiley” , “ya.png” )
newCanvas( “myCanvas” , 100 , 100 )
.settings.css( “border” , “solid 1px black” )
.settings.add( “center at 50%” , “center at 50%” , getImage(“smiley”) )
newButton( “resize” , “Resize the image” )
getImage( “smiley” )
.settings.size( 64, 64 )

Prints the smiley image at the center of the canvas and adds a button below the canvas. After the button is clicked, the smiley is resized to 64×64 and without refresh the smiley would no longer be centrally aligned on canvas. Calling print on the canvas would recenter the image correctly, but it would move the canvas below the button. The solution is therefore to call refresh (or to call the settings command add again on the canvas).