or getVideo(id).settings.log("play")

or getVideo(id).settings.log("pause")

or getVideo(id).settings.log("end")

or getVideo(id).settings.log("seek")

Tells to add a line in the results file each time an event happens. If you do not specify which event you want to log, all of them will add a line to the results file.

“play” adds a line including a timestamp and an offset, as the playing is sometimes detected only after a delay. You can compute the actual timestamp for when some sound started to be emitted by subtracting the offset from the timestamp.

“pause” and “end” add lines of the same format for the respective events. “seek” adds a line when the progress bar is clicked (visible if the controls are displayed, see the action print).


[js highlight=”6″]
newText(“instructions”, “Please watch the video below”)
newVideo(“scene”, “test_scene.mp4”)
newButton(“validation”, “Validate”)

Adds some instruction text to the screen and control buttons below the text. After the video gets played, the control buttons are grayed out, and a Validate button appears below them.

The results file will contain as many lines for when the video was played, paused, when it ended playing and when its position was changed by clicking the progress bar.