or getVideo(id).settings.disable(opacity) (since PennController 1.6)

Will disable the controls interface. Note that some browsers might make the controls disappear altogether.

If you pass no parameter, a 50% opaque layer will be printed on top of the interface. You can pass a value from 0.01 (fully transparent***) to 1 (fully opaque) to control the aspect of the layer.

*** the value 0 is mistreated as no-parameter by PennController 1.6, hence the need to use a non-null value close to 0.


[js highlight=”3″ try=”true”]newVideo(“skate.mp4”)

Prints a disabled interface for the video test.mp3 and starts playing it. The video will be fully visible because the layer is transparent (0.01 opacity).

Published by Jeremy

Researcher in semantics and pragmatics; Programmer of PennController for IBEX