or getTooltip(id).key("keys", "no click")

or getTooltip(id).key(keycode)

or getTooltip(id).key(keycode, "no click") (since beta 0.3)

Makes it possible to validate the tooltip by pressing a key. You can either pass a string of keys, or pass the keycode of a specific key (e.g. 13 for enter/return). If you pass a non-null second parameter (e.g. “no click”) then clicks will have no effect for validation, and if you have not specified a text for the validation button when creating the tooltip, no such button will be displayed at its bottom-right corner.

[js highlight=”5″ try=”true”]newImage(“myImage”, “square.png”)
newTooltip(“myTooltip”, “Press enter/return when you are done admiring this beautiful square”)
.settings.key(13, “no click”)
.print( getImage(“myImage”) )

Adds an image to the page and places a box with the text Press enter/return when you are done admiring this beautiful square to its bottom-right corner, containing no validation button. The tooltip will disappear only when the enter/return key (whose keycode is 13) is pressed.