or getKey(id).settings.log("wait") (since beta 0.4)

or getKey(id).settings.log("first") (since beta 0.4)

or getKey(id).settings.log("last") (since beta 0.4)

or getKey(id).settings.log("all")

A line will be added to the results file indicating which key was pressed when.

If you leave the parentheses blank or pass "wait" (those are equivalent) then key presses will only be logged if they validate a .wait command on the Key element.

If you pass "first" then the first key press on one of the specified keys will be logged (regardless of whether it validates a .wait command). Correspondingly, if you pass "last" then the last valid key press will be logged. If you pass "all" then all key presses will be logged.

Note: "all" (or blank, its equivalent) was the only available option in beta 0.3.

[js highlight=”5″]newText(“instructions”, “Please press any key”)
newKey(“anyKey”, “”)
newText(“thanks”, “Thank you!”)

Adds a text asking for a press on any key, after which the text Thank you! get printed below. The results file will contain a line indicating which key was pressed, and at what time(stamp) it was pressed.