getEyeTracker(id).test.ready() (since PennController 1.8)

Tests whether the participant has granted webGazer access to their webcam, as required by the EyeTracker.

Use this early in your experiment, and most usefully in the wait command of a Button to proceed only after access has been granted.


[js highlight=”3,4″ try=”true”]newButton(“Start”)
.wait( newEyeTracker().test.ready()
.failure( newText(“Please grant access to your webcam”).print() )

Adds a button onto the page and wait for the participant to click it. The presence of the EyeTracker element inside wait also triggers the webcam-access request. The test will only be successful after access has been granted: only then will a click on the button be validated.

If the participant clicks the button before granting access to the webcam, they will see a message inviting them to do so.

Published by Jeremy

Researcher in semantics and pragmatics; Programmer of PennController for IBEX