getEyeTracker(id).hideFeedback() (since PennController 1.8)

Hides the red dot estimating your looks.

The red dot is hidden by default after calibration, but you can turn it back on using showFeedback.


[js highlight=”11″ try=”data”]newTrial( newButton(“Start”).print().wait(newEyeTracker().test.ready()) )

newText(“Left”).css(“padding”,”20vw”).print(“20vw”, “40vh”),
newText(“Right”).css(“padding”,”20vw”).print(“60vw”, “40vh”)
getEyeTracker(“tracker”).add( getText(“Left”) , getText(“Right”) ).showFeedback().start()
newTimer(1000).callback( getEyeTracker(“tracker”).hideFeedback() ).start()
newSelector().add( getText(“Left”) , getText(“Right”) ).wait()

Will still show the red dot after calibration for 1 second, and hide it after that delay (assuming no selection has been made in the meantime).

Published by Jeremy

Researcher in semantics and pragmatics; Programmer of PennController for IBEX