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    Hello Jeremy,

    Hope, you are doing well!

    We were wondering whether there is the possibility to store the trial order information in the name of an audio file when collecting speech production data. To be more specific, we would like to conduct an experiment where the elements from an item list (i.e., image files) are presented to the participants in a randomized order. The participants are instructed to name the depicted object aloud. Thereby, we would like to have the audio files that are sent to the server, bear a numerical value, for instance, that represents the trial order (i.e., the first elicited file is called ‘1’, the subsequent one ‘2’, and so on).

    Do you think there is a relatively easy way to achieve that? Alternatively, we could of course simply have a look at the results file.

    In case this question has already been answered, we would like to beg your pardon and kindly ask to redirect us to the respective post.

    Thank you very much!




    Unfortunately, since elements are created before the running order is determined, naming the audio elements after the order in which the trials are run would be challenging. You could always try uploading an edited version of PennController_media.js to your project, in which you replace let fileName = PennEngine.utils.guidGenerator()+'.zip'; with something like let fileName = PennEngine.utils.guidGenerator()+'-''.zip'; to overwrite the MediaRecorder element


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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