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    Hi Jeremy,

    In my experiment, I wanted to first offer some control tasks for people, and if they managed them with no more than 2 mistakes, then let them into the actual experiment. However, I am unable to do so consistently for some reason.

    I am using “correct” variable to track the number of correct responses, which is initialized as

    newVar("correct", 0).global(),

    The code I am using for evaluating the number of correct answers is

    newKey("answerTrain", "YN").log().wait()

    And then, in the trials, I use


    And once they are done, I provide them with either a correct code or a code that signals they haven’t completed the experiment well (using the same code as above).

    Sometimes it works as intended, other times it doesn’t, and I am not able to figure out why. The idea seems to be good in theory, but the practice proves otherwise. The link to my project is

    Thanks in advance!



    The value of your Var element is numeric, it’s not a string, so I don’t expect the regular expression to test the value

    If you want to test if the value is comprised between 7 and 9 included, use a function instead: getVar("correct")>v>6&&v<10)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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