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    Hello, everyone!
    In my experiment I have 4 different tasks (“synonym”, “string”, “colour”, and “size”) and 4 separate instructions for them (“synonym_instruction”, “string_match_instruction”, “colour_match_instruction”, and “size_match_instruction”). I want to randomize the tasks but in a way that the relevant instruction shows up before the task.

    I tried using these alternatives, but they do not seem to work:

    a) Sequence(…, randomize((“synonym_instruction”, randomize(“synonym”)), (“string_match_instruction”, randomize(“string”)), (“colour_match_instruction”, randomize(“colour”)), (“size_match_instruction”, randomize(“size”))), …);

    b) Sequence(…, randomize(seq(“synonym_instruction”, randomize(“synonym”)), seq(“string_match_instruction”, randomize(“string”)), seq(“colour_match_instruction”, randomize(“colour”)), seq(“size_match_instruction”, randomize(“size”))), …);

    I searched the forum, but did not find anything like this (maybe I am using the wrong search words).

    Here is the link to my project: https://farm.pcibex.net/r/kAoKCr/
    There the sequence of the tasks is not randomized.

    Would be really grateful for advice!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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