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    Hi !
    I’ve got an experiment consisting of 64 different trials (all named differently). I separated my trials in two groups with a similar condition that I want to pseudo randomize. To be clearer, I have 4 groups (A, B, C & D), with A & C being the same condition and B & D being another shared condition. I want to be sure that the no A and C follow each other and respectively that no B and D follow each other.
    So far, I was able to split the trials in groups that I can shuffle (internally so the order of my 16 trials is fully random in the group A) and shuffle more globally the different groups, but this leads me to the result that A, B, C and D appear randomly, rather than in a spaced way like I want.

    I wonder if it would be possible to use meta trials, in order to get my sequence as I want, without loosing the unique name of each trial and using the template function, since I don’t have a csv file to make it correspond to.

    Thanks for the answer. I designed a simplified toy experiment to make the problem and my attempts clearer (link below)

    Toy experiment link :

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