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    Hi! I am trying to modify the “loop” in many PCIbex functions, in the form of row => newTrial(). Let’s say that I have 4 choices for the respondent to select, and that they clicked on the wrong one, I hope that this current iteration would be repeated until they finally selected the correct one, and then we would proceed to the next iteration. Therefore, I was contemplating using something like a while loop, such as while (selection =/= correct one) {repeat the current iteration}. However, it seems that loops are not really commonly seen in the PCIbex platform, and trying to implement a javascript loop returns many errors. So I was thinking about what I should do now.

    I am currently testing the potentials of using loops by modifying the “mask priming” template offered in PCIbex, since it has a loop in it. What I try to do right now is that whenever the respondent clicked on something that is not “F”, for instance they clicked on “J”, then a message would be returned to them saying that it is not correct, and that they should try again. I just kind of want to get the loop logic correct, and then I hope to apply it to a selector function. Is this potentially doable in PCIbex? I am more than grateful for your help and understanding.

    My test-experiment is here (attempt of modifying mask priming):

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