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    Hello all,

    We’ve recently noted two problems in loading audio files for a study. A link to the
    study is here: https://farm.pcibex.net/r/JEmkYq/

    In this study, participants hear short sound clips, about 300 of them, and make decisions about them.

    The first phenomenon is that some soundfiles cause PCIBex to hang with a “preloading” message. Out of many files, the few that trigger the problem are consistent. They are files we have previously used in PCIbex studies without issue. Sometimes we can resolve this problem by uploading new versions of these soundfiles under the same name. But we have not identified anything wrong or corrupt about the files that halt PCIbex, so we’re not sure how to debug it.

    The second phenomenon is that some soundfiles are resistant to uploading in the first place. Sometimes changing the name of the file appears to help. For example

    Error: Error while uploading file eh_d.ae_rePull_015_015d1-f17jan97_84_j100_1.25605.wav to chunk_includes: Internal Server Error

    but no such error with a rename of the file

    Message: File eh_d.ae_015_015d1-f17jan97_84_j100_1.25605.wav successfully uploaded to chunk_includes

    I know these are long filenames. Is it possible that the name is causing trouble? Or is this apparent effect of fiddling with the name just a coincidence?

    Any suggestions about things we can try would be welcome!



    Hey, I have similar problems. In my case it sometimes helps to load an html-file which then loads the Audio-file. For some reasons this sometimes helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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