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    Hi Jeremy,

    I am currently trying to run a pilot experiment on Ibex with ~64 audio files. I was worried about loading that many audio files, so I followed the preloading instructions on the documentation. I have an AWS bucket set up which contains a single zip of these audio files which I am calling in my main.js script.

    For reasons I cannot figure out, I keep running into preloading issues and I have not been able to do a full run of the experiment (I’ve tried Firefox and Safari; I’ve also tried PennController.js 2.0 and 2.1 beta versions). If there are any typos anywhere I cannot find them. Outside of PCIbex the link to my zip file seems to download everything just fine. I’ve tried uploading the .htaccess file multiple times for fear of having made a typo there as well. Further, there does not seem to be any consistency with regard to what file causes the preloading issues according to the “Warning” tab of the debug window.

    What is really confusing is that this is experiment is a follow-up on one I ran around 6-9 months ago and that script seems to work just fine. I basically just copied the older project and made some minor changes and now I’m having these issues. Any help would be appreciated! The demonstration links for both experiments are below. (Really hoping this isn’t just a typo that I’ve missed…)

    Demonstration link for current follow-up experiment:

    Demonstration link for the original experiment:



    Your CSV files reference some wav filenames that start with a single digit, but no file in your archive starts with a single digit: those you’re targeting start with 0


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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