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    Hi! I’m halfway through collecting data for a speech study, and the audio recording part has gone smoothly, but I’ve run into two issues on and off.

    1) Last night (Wednesday evening US east coast), I had one batch of participants where it looks like the group assignment changed in the middle of the experiment. It always happened at the same place in the experiment, but I couldn’t replicate the problem today. Is that something that could be related to the server being down this morning? And if so, would that explain whether it was an error with the actual stimuli shown (in which case the data is messed up) or with storing/access the text results (in which case I can keep it).

    2) I had at least 1 participant tonight get stuck on the ending “send results” trial. Is their text data cached(?) on the server, or would it just be lost? To avoid that happening again, I might have it send results 2 or 3 times during the study. But before I do that, I wanted to check to see if intermittent saving is a good idea here, or if it would backfire by trying to get the server to do too much.

    I hope this makes sense — I know the general concepts of servers and web development, but not any of the technical details, so I’m doing some guessing here.

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