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    I’m currently programming an experiment where participants have to remember a certain pattern while judging a sentence. The participants first see the pattern in a 3×3 matrix, after which they judge the sentence, and then they are asked to recall the previously studied pattern by clicking the same pattern in an empty 3×3 grid. I have made these grids in html, with large checkboxes. In the to be remembered pattern, the checks are disabled (so participants can’t change anything).

    I’d like to give participants feedback when they recall a pattern incorrectly. I have been trying to figure this out in the html script (by making the correct checkboxes in the empty grid ‘required’ or ‘obligatory’) but this has worked out so far. ‘Required’ doesn’t get picked up by html.checkboxWarning. ‘Obligatory’ also doesn’t work because ‘class’ in my html script is already filled with a reference to the style of the large checkbox (input.largerCheckbox).

    I was wondering if there is a way to fix this or do this differently in pcIBEX.

    Thank you so much in advance!



    Hi Iris,

    As you found out, Ibex does not detect any “required” field, but looks up an “obligatory” class instead. HTML elements can have more than one class, you just need to separate the classes with space characters, e.g <input type="checkbox" class="largerCheckbox obligatory">

    Alternatively, you could also do it exclusively using PennController commands: (don’t mind the “already part of Selector” errors—it’s a non-fatal bug I need to fix in PennController)
    The code isn’t super concise but it’s still readable and works pretty well

    Let me know if you have questions


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    Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it!
    I will have to keep using the html solution because I present the patterns in a fixed order. This works perfectly, since all the other code was already in place.

    Thanks again and all the best,

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