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    Hello, Jeremy

    My name is Lorrainy and I’ve been working with a Self-Paced-Reading task. My last message was about the timer not working well, which it worked fine after the removal of the .wait() on the key element.

    We did the tests, after that and the results file registered everything. We only added 3 more .log on the end of the trial and it still worked pretty well. We published the experiment and, unfortunately, the time the keys were pressed and the answer key itself were not logged in on the results file. Instead appears “never” for the time and “(failed keypresses happened)” for the key presses (A or L).

    What happened? And what do I need to do to correct it?

    This is a line which shows the “never” and the “(failed keypresses happened)”:
    1687039680,1de449d0d83f6f3df49ac5f23dc0722d,PennController,19,0,Distratoras,NULL,Key,AL,Key,NA,Never,W120,El actor,rechazó,la crítica,de la obra,sobre el caso de homicidio.,(failed keypresses happened)

    This is the Demo Link for both experiments that had the same code:
    1 – https://farm.pcibex.net/r/murakI/
    2 – https://farm.pcibex.net/r/xAOxlh/

    Thanks for always helping us out!!



    By default key.log will only report a line in the results file for a keypress that validates a wait command on the same Key element. The “failed keypresses happened” tells you that keys were pressed while the Key element was active, but they didn’t validate a wait command so they were not logged. Use .log("all"), .log("first") or .log("last") to make sure you have a line in your results file


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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