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    Hi Jeremy,

    I’ll link the demo here: https://farm.pcibex.net/r/WGNvTu/

    We are having issues with getting our script running. We are using code from Ibex (spellout) which has been working in the past with PCIbex but has some issues now. There are two problems I’m running into that I don’t quite understand.

    1. When we try to change the string in the practice item “test” in main.js, the experiment will not run even though it’s just a string change. For example, if I change “test” to “woman” (it’s a gender study), the experiment does not run, or at least it doesn’t update the sentence if it does run.

    2. Some .html forms do not exist according to the error when it does run. It won’t find end_form.html even though it’s coded the same as our other forms, and has worked in the past. I’ve changed it to endform.html without the underscore to see whether that was an issue, but the experiment then wouldn’t run. It seems like any changes prevent it from running. I’m guessing there’s another underlying issue?

    Would it be better to revise most of the code or would it be a relatively simple fix?

    Thank you!



    1) This sounds like a problem related to the saving issues that have been extremely frequent recently. For example, I just tried changing "test" for "woman" in a copy of your experiment and it worked as expected. Maybe try copying the content of main.js, pasting it in an external editor, deleting the file that’s in the Scripts folder in your project, make edits in your external editor, then recreate the file in your project and paste the content from your external editor

    2) I am able to run your experiment without changing its current code, and I do see a trial labeled “fin” that contains the content of endform.html. Maybe your unsuccessful experience results from the same saving issue as above


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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