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    Dear Jeremy,

    I try to run a Self-Paced-Reading-Experiment and wanted to have sometimes context sentences following by my test items. Before randomizing them all was fine, but now I sometimes have the context sentence appearing at the same time, when my comprehension questions appear. I really would be grateful, if you could help me solving this problem.
    Thanks in advance,




    Dear Kristina,

    Most of your trials print a Text element on top of the DashedSentence Controller element, so naturally the two will appear together on the screen

    Some trials have a Text element and a Scale element that get printed after the DashedSentence Controller element is removed, so you won’t see the latter with the former two together on the page at the same time

    A few trials have both a Text element printed before the DashedSentence Controller element, and a Text element + a Scale element printed after the Controller element’s wait and remove commands: for those, the content of the Controller element (the dashed sentence) will disappear from the page once the script gets to its remove command, but because you never use remove on the first Text element, it will stay on the page as the second Text element and the Scale element get printed below it. You could use getText("sentences").remove() just before printing the second Text element if you want it to disappear then

    As a side note, I strongly recommend you identify types of trials (seems like you have 4: some have no context sentences, some have one, some have a question, and some have both) and reference their content in a CSV table so you can use a Template rather than manually creating ~200 newTrials


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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