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    I want to add to my experiment a “Continue” click button between the experimental items but I’ve been stuck.
    In the current edition, the participant would see a message like “Press any key to continue” (from the keyboard) but I need to replace it with a mouse click.
    I tried the new button command but it doesn’t work, I’m sure that I’m missing something.

    Also I wanted to confirm if it’s possible or not to attach a file (at the introduction section) that the participants could download.

    demo link:

    Many thanks in advance-

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    Hello Eleni,

    Currently you’re inserting a trial labeled “sep” between your experimental trials, which uses Ibex’s Message controller to display some text, and invites participants to use a keypress since you use transfer: "keypress". You could use transfer: "click" instead if you wanted participants to invite the participants to click instead (you can set continueMessage to a custom message if you’d like)

    You cannot use the PCIbex Farm to host a file that you invite your participants to download. But if you have another hosting solution and have a direct link to that file, then you can use the HTML tag <a>, as in <a href="" target="_blank" download="filename.ext">Click here to open/download the file</a>



    Dear Jeremy,

    Regarding the HTML tag for the link, I’ve made a lot οf tests but unfortunately I haven’t managed to embed it in the existing code.
    Any tip would be really helpful!!



    In a PennController trial, you could do that:

      newText("<a href='' target='_blank'>Click here to download a zip file</a>").print()

    In an Ibex Message controller, you could do that:

    var items = [
      ["intro", "Message", {html:
          <p><a href='' target='_blank'>Click here to download a zip file</a></p>\

    Thank you so so much for your time and help! Really appreciate it!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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