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    Hi! I’m about to run my first lexical decision and priming experiments online. I have noticed the templates available only use the participants` keyboard. I was thinking that buttons on the screen would be useful for the participants who use smartphones/tablets. What do you think of that? Would the possibility of two different ways of collecting the RTs (keyboard and buttons) affect my results in this case? Thanks in advance!

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    You can allow selection through both keypresses and clicks using a Selector element, as illustrated in the tutorial

    Clicks are notoriously slower than key strokes, but letting participants tap buttons on a touchscreen is of course a better option than asking them to use a virtual keyboard. It’s probably a good idea to explicitly invite your participants to press keys if they have a keyboard (it will also make them go through the experiment faster than clicking, which they will surely appreciate) or to tap the buttons if they have a touchscreen. You could ask them to fill a form at the end of the experiment where they report how they made their selections. And if you want to have an independent measure, you can always keep a Key element but log it without waiting for it, so you see in the results file whether they pressed a key


            border: "solid 1px gray",
            padding: "0.5em",
            'text-align': "center"
      newCanvas("container", "30em", "auto")
        .add("right at 10em", 0, newText("yes","<p>Word</p><p>(F)</p>"))
        .add("left at 20em", 0, newText("no","<p>Not a word</p><p>(J)</p>"))



    Thank you so much! The idea of having key strokes x clicks as an independent measure is very interesting. I’ll try to add that on my script.

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