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    Hello everyone.
    A few times over the last couple of weeks, I have encountered a problem where after making changes elsewhere in the code, a few trials simply will not show up in the experiment. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the code. Cloning the experiment didn’t resolve this issue either.
    I would like to rule out that I am missing something here. In the experiment linked below, the last two trials, “Rueckmeldung” and “Dank” simply will not show up as specified in Sequence(). Sending results to the server is set right between them and it seems to work fine.


    Thanks in advance



    I discovered and resolved the problem myself. It was caused by bad syntax in the following segment on the trial “Rueckmeldung”:


    There need to be quotation marks around the word “final”.

    As I described above, this error caused the trial to not be displayed at all; it also seems to have caused the following trial (“Dank”) to not be displayed, both of which without an error message in the debugger. I could not find any additional mistakes in the code of trial “Dank”.


    Hello Matthias,

    Good job figuring out this problem! The debugger fails to catch some errors, it’s not clear which ones fall through the cracks

    When you have such a syntax error, all the code that follows it in your script is ignored by the parser, which explains why the “Dank” trial was not executed: it was not even created, because it is defined further down from where the syntax error was located


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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