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    Hi Jeremy,
    I moved an experiment to the new farm today and am running into a problem with the audio.

    I have a speech + noise stimulus setup, which I’ve coded like this:

        newAudio("Practicebabble2", "Babble2.wav")
        newAudio("Sentence", "")
        newText("instruct", "Type what you heard in the box below")

    The babble file is longer than the sentence file, and I want the babble to stop playing when the sentence is over, and for the response box to appear when the sentence ends. This setup worked just fine in the old farm. I’m using firefox, and when I tested my experiment in the new farm everything seemed fine. When I released it into my participant recruitment site, several participants have let me know that they’ve run into problems (essentially, the babble keeps playing, and the response box never appears). It looks like this is happening on Chrome, Opera, and Edge, but I think it’s still working fine on Firefox, as I’ve had a few successful responses. Any idea what’s going on and how I can fix things to work for all browsers?

    Thanks for the help!



    Feel free to share the demonstration link of your experiment with me, here or at, so I can take a look

    If you say that it was working on the old farm (that is, even using Chrome/Opera/Edge) then maybe what changed is that your project on the new farm uses a newer version of the PennController library. Maybe try downgrading to PennController 1.8 (remember to pause data collection when editing your project):
    (download the js file and upload it to the Modules folder of your project)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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