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    EDIT: The data is back!

    Hi PciBex community,

    For an ongoing project, we are supposed to have 65 submissions. I had downloaded about 40 of these a few days ago without problems. However, when I download all results now, all but the most recent (65th) submission are blank. The blank ones just look like this:

    # Columns below this comment are as follows:
    # 1. Results reception time.
    # 2. MD5 hash of participant's IP address.
    # 3. Controller name.
    # 4. Order number of item.
    # 5. Inner element number.
    # 6. Label.
    # 7. Latin Square Group.

    I know the data was there before because I was able to download most of it on April 7th. Now all but one entry are blank. Is this a temporary issue or a serious data loss? Thanks for any input!

    This is the project: https://farm.pcibex.net/experiments/WdJvzf/edit

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    This sounds like an issue with the client-server communication, where the client (your browser) was able to retrive the list of submissions, but not the corresponding rows (except for the ones in the preview, ie. those of the most recent submission). When that happens, your page “sees” the list of submissions in the cache but does not realize the rows are missing, so it won’t try to download them again if you just click on “Download” again. You need to refresh the page to clear the cache so your browser tries downloading the rows again (and hopefully the same problem does not happen again)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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