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Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your helpful reply! I tried the code you suggested (as below), but I still have a problem: I have 20 sets in total, but only 10 sentences with Distance ‘Short’ are shown now. No sentences with Distance ‘Long’ is shown. I guess that’s because my ‘Short’ and ‘Long’ sentences have the same set. Is there any chance to solve this problem?

Template("extable.csv", row =>
  newTrial( row.Distance + row.Set,
    newText("sentence", row.Sentence)
    newScale("acceptability", 7)
        .before( newText("very unnatural") )
        .after( newText("very natural") )
    newText("space"," ")

Sequence( rshuffle(startsWith("Short") , rshuffle(startsWith("Long") )))

Thank you again for your kind help! Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

Best wishes,