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You cannot use PennController’s test commands to conditionally include an Image element: you are effectively creating an Image element for your filler items too, which don’t have any value for flan_file, resulting in invalid Image elements

In the script you currently have in your project, your sentence and flanker filler trials actually have nothing in common (as things stand, they do not define pic-spr pairs: there is no pic-spr sequence of commands, unlike in my code above for example; your code currently either includes pic commands or spr commands in a trial) so if that’s the kind of design you are implementing, I would just split the CSV file in two tables and correspondingly use two Template commands to generate the filler trials (and also one Template for your target trials, since they all seem to be SPR’s):

Template("flanker-fillers.csv", newTrial("fillers", ...pic(row) )
Template("sentence-fillers.csv", newTrial("fillers", ...spr(row) )
Template("items-target.csv", newTrial("targets", ...spr(row) )