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Apologies for the late reply: I was away from the office for the past two weeks and only catching up with messages now.

it goes to the first video before the middle one. It just shows black screen with play button that u cannot press play and it is stuck at that canvas with the black screen.

This happens when the referenced video is not found: the Video element is printed with its interface, but because no stream can be found, clicking the play button just won’t do anything (since there’s no stream to play). Your script waits until the video has fully played (getVideo("image1").wait("first")) before it reaches the line to print the next Image element (newImage("image2", row.middle_picture_s_video)) which is why the trial is stuck with a blank screen: the video will never have fully played so the script will be stuck on that line (getVideo("image1").wait("first"))

I’m afraid I cannot help more at this point, since the script at does not match the one from your most recent message, and the URLs referenced in the various PreloadZip commands are no longer valid

Note that you will see a preloading screen (“please wait 1 min”) as long as your experiment uses multimedia objects (images, videos, audios) that take a long time to preload or simply fail to preload (as in the case just mentioned, where no video stream can be found). This is not a bug, it is a feature