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If you haven’t done so yet, I recommend that you read and follow along the Basic tutorial, and then continue with the Advanced tutorial. They are meant to provide you with enough skills that, by the end, you should be able to recreate the project from my previous message, for example

Once you feel comfortable with that, you can read the guide on how to collect eye-tracking data to learn how to incorporate the EyeTracker element in your project

Now, regarding your specific questions:

Do you have example code for the example above?

If you mean this example, you can click on the text “Click here to edit a copy in the PCIbex Farm.” in the top bar to open a copy of the project in the PCIbex Farm, where you will be able to see and edit its code

since its an eyetrackign study. I cant have next button, i think it needs to automatic

It is possible, and even recommended, to have buttons in an eyetracking study. For example, asking participants to click on a button placed at the center of the page before starting a trial is a good way to drag their gaze to the center of the screen

I understand that could be done with the code. newTimer(400).start().wait() I believe

Yes, Timer elements take a number as a parameter that defines their duration, as documented on this page. It is also illustrated in chapter 9 of the Advanced tutorial