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You can use .remove() on any element that you previously printed to take it off the screen, this way you can have the three images appear in sequence rather than have them all on the page at the same time

I am missing some details about your design to give you a fully worked out example script, but here is one project that is consistent with your description:

There is a CSV file that lists pairs of images and one sound file for each trial, for two different groups. The middle image is always the same from trial to trial, but the first and last images are the ones referenced in the CSV file. The audio also changes from trial to trial, as specified in the CSV file

I also added a Text element above the images so you can tell which trial number/group you are seeing when taking the experiment

Of course this is just for illustrative purposes, as the script collect no measures at all (although by adding .log() to the Image elements and to the Key element, you could retrieve how fast participants press Space after seeing each image, for example)