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1. The syntax you are using in Template automatically assigns a label to the items that are generated. Indeed, when I look up your code, every item generated by your Template commands consists of two PennController trials, and the two newTrial commands you use in there have different strings as their first arguments ("example" and "grad", or "experiment" and "grad")

If you want to give labels to items consisting of pairs of elements, so that participants will always see the two newTrials of a pair in a row, and so that those two newTrials will remain associated with each other through randomize, you can pass the label before "PennController": ["experiment", "PennController",newTrial(, ["example", "PennController",newTrial( (also remember to change "example.csv" in the current Sequence command in project back to "example" like you have in your message above)

2. Yes, I think it’s fine, but always take test-runs of your experiment and check the results file to see if you do get all the information you want. In this case, if you press F or J early, I expect that you should have a line in your results file for that Key element ("stop early") but no line for the other Key element ("keypress") or a line that reports NA. But you should really just take a test-run and check your results file