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Hi Jeremy,

I have been running into a possibly related issue with a new version of this same experiment.

After your previous response, I was able to get the experiment working successfully by keeping the picture resources local and only making 1 request to GitHub per trial for the audio (zip files weren’t possible for a few reasons with our current setup). I successfully ran 2 pilot experiments with no issues.

In the most recent version, there are more stimuli but the setup is the same. On several test runs through, everything worked correctly for me in the last 1-2 weeks. Beginning this week, participants have been having issues with the stimuli not loading at different points throughout the experiment, and I have also had issues on test runs through. Unlike last time, what is not loading is now sometimes the pictures or instructions that are stored in local resources and sometimes the audio from GitHub.

My question is whether there is a different issue, or if I am potentially running into the same problem now that the number of stimuli increased.

Here is a link to the experiment demo:

Thank you!