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so I was using as reference a previous experiment, but I don’t get the difference between two strategies of using the sequence to save audio files.

I have now something like this and it runs.

Sequence(“initiate”,”welcome”, randomize(“experiment”), “Sync”, “send”, “completion_screen”);

InitiateRecorder(“”, “Please adjust your browser settings to allow microphone access, then click the link below.”)
//UploadRecordings(“sendAsync”, “noblock”)



What I see in the previous experiment I have is that they write with the strategy to send the audio file within the trial:

so they had written in the sequence SepWith(“Async”, randomize(experiment)), “Sync”.

The idea is that Async sends within the trial, Sync sends the last trial of the experiment.

And they have the command to uploadrecordings written as in //. with the second part “noblock” that is not mentioned anywhere else, and I don’t understand exactly what it does.

I am not getting how to have this correctly running.

Right now it works if I write it the way you see above, so the audio files are sent at the end.

But in this way, I am not sure I understand how to recognize the participant and match him with his data.


Can you explain to me how to use correctly the Uploadrecording command and SepWith function?
thank you