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Hi Jeremy,
That’s really helpful, thank you!
I’m trying to set up the grid so that participants will see a grid. After a brief pause, they will see another grid (either the same or different by 1 dot) and asked whether this grid matches the previous grid. Prof. Schwarz suggested that I don’t encode position in the csv but rather use shuffle() on the selector. In the first two rows of the csv, I would have one dot and one blank respectively. Then, I can flip the value of these bits to get a new grid that differs by one.
I’ve tried implementing it here but have run into three issues. First, I need to shuffle the canvas rather than the selector. However, there doesn’t seem to be a shuffle function for canvas. Second, I don’t know how we can change the image associated with a handle. I need to do this to flip a square to a dot. Third, line 174 doesn’t seem to be showing the grid again after the timer named “wait2” has run out. Do you know how I could fix this?