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Jeremy said:

Note that I replaced s: with q: in the Question controller, but that wouldn’t make the experiment crash anyway

However, this replacement (i.e. using q: row.Sentence) will show nothing with PennController 2.0, at least from my browser, Chrome Ver 100.0.4896.60(Official Build, 64bit, in normal mode [not in incognito mode]). Does anybody replicate the behaviour from the following link?:

PennController.ResetPrefix(null) // Keep here

ParticipantID = GetURLParameter("id")

    row => PennController("trials",
        //q: row.Sentence will show nothing
        //s: row.Sentence will show the question and judgement options
        newController("AcceptabilityJudgment", {q: row.Sentence, as: ["1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7"], presentAsScale: true, leftComment: "very bad", rightComment: "very good"})
        (row.Question != "NA" ?
            newController("Question", {q: row.Question, as: ["Yes", "No"], hasCorrect: row.Answer})
    .log("ParticipantID", ParticipantID)
    .log("Group", row.Group)
    .log("UniqID", row.UniqID)
    .log("Sentence", '"' + row.Sentence + '"')
    .log("Question", '"' + row.Question + '"')
    .log("Answer", row.Answer)