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Hi, thanks, it’s exactly the template in this way

Template( row =>

what I wished to do.

Now that I posted the whole function (in the old syntax) the function with the more compact syntax that you wrote doesn’t need to be modified, right?

The blank index is correct the way you wrote blank12 ecc.. but because now I have this part of the script after my task is number like blank171… I am understanding now that the item number in the output (like blank17..something here) always corresponds to the order of the input. This is very smart.

Everybody tells me to code the RT and the accuracy in the data analysis afterward, but I literally just spent the whole night fixing somebody else’s dataset that got messed up in several transformations and file separations. Then merging several datasets has a risk of misplacement, errors that I don’t want to have in my data. 😀

My philosophy is to start with a dataset that has the relevant info concerning a participant all already there 😀

So I like to attach to the data the conditions and expected answers and so on…the accuracy.

Can I impose a restriction on the blanks so that the participant cannot leave it empty, as well as a restriction that the participant cannot write something 20 characters long, I don’t impose a range that the string the participant writes is between 1 and 6 characters long.

I’ll work on the script with the template,