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Hi Ana,

The PicturePrime cell of most rows in your table does not point to an image file (eg. at row 30 it points to an html file: — which itself does not load either, but that’s an unrelated point). In that same row, however, the column after that does reference an image filename (sock.png) and that seems to be the case for most (maybe all) rows where PicturePrime references a URL

There are other issues with your CSV table that will cause problems when generating trials and running your experiment. For example, row 19 (line 20) only defines four columns, and opens the fourth one with a double-quote but finishes before closing it. Then row 20 (line 21) starts with what must be the closing double-quote, and continues with empty cells (",,,,,,). This will generate problematic trials (invalid filename for the former row because of the double-quote sign, empty cells for the latter)
You also seem to be adding unnecessary columns: your header row and all subsequent rows have a series of commas. I presume that you were working using a spreadsheet editor and, somehow, typed an email address in the tenth column of the first row (judging from the header row), thus creating a 10-column table. Maybe this is how you ended up with a URL in the PicturePrime cell and an actual image filename in the next (unnamed) cell for most rows

Once you fix the issues with your table, PennController should be able to find the referenced pictures (assuming all the filenames are properly listed in the right column and match the files in your project’s Resources folder)