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Hi again,

For example, here’s what I used in the script (the .log() commands are appended to the end of newTrial):

Yes, you are using newTrial().log correctly: it will add the values of row.Group, row.Item_ID and row.Condition to every single results line generated for the corresponding trial, whether for its start/end event, or for the Controller or Scale element

But I found that no participant’s information has been stored. Do I need to add another command to “log” their responses?

Yes, you need to use .log on the Html element to log its information

Another issue is that each participant has been assigned a label consisting of digits and letters. I thought these labels were unique for each participant

If you are referring to the values in the second column of the results file, they are “based on the subject’s IP address and various properties of their browser. Together with the value of the first column, this value should uniquely identify each subject.” If two submissions are sent using the same browser on the same device with the same IP, the MD5 hash will be the same for the two submissions. It is extremely unlikely, however, that the first column (Reception Time) would also have the same value, and if it does, either something went wrong and the same submission was submitted multiple times within a millisecond, or someone developed an algorithm to send multiple submissions in parallel; in either case, you should probably discard the submissions. Long story short: in the absence of a custom ID parameter, use the two first columns to uniquely identify your participants