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Hi Jeremy,

thanks again for your answer. Correct, I double-checked all permissions on all files and directories. I also went over URL spellings etc. and the how-to page about media recording, too. In the mean time, I also talked to several IT people from my institution but sadly, this matter remains mysterious. Together we tried including a .htaccess file in audios/ (containing php_value open_basedir "~public_html/audios/uploads", which did nothing and is now empty) and after that a .user.ini file in public_html/ (containing PHP_INI_PERDIR PHP_INI_ALL error_log = /home/j/jonesanam/php-error.log, which also did nothing).
However, PHP configuration in general should be possible as it appears in the FAQ, which say to include a .user.ini file in public_html to configure PHP settings meanwhile only PHP_INI_PERDIR and PHP_INI_ALL classes are allowed (I am not sure what that last part means, though, I just typed the code in the file and gave it reading and executing permissions).

I’m starting to wonder if my institution’s server is somehow broken or incompatible with certain parts of IbexFarm… Is there anything else I could try? 🙁