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Hi Jones,

When I visit I just get a blank page, when I should at least get a PermissionDeniedError error message. Plus, when I visit (the parent directory) the file size is 0, suggesting that the file is sill blank. Did you double-check that you indeed edited and saved the online version of your PHP file?

By blocking upload trial, do you mean something like UploadRecordings(“label”,”block”)? Also, would you recommend including an Upload trial after every recording?

By default PennController inserts a blocking upload trial before sending the results, so in the absence of any explicit UploadRecordings in your script you would already have a blocking upload trial. But if you want to control when that happens, yes, using UploadRecordings("label") is the way to go (the second parameter is optional, it will default to "block"). If you have many recordings, it would be a good idea to intersperse non-blocking upload trials over the course of your experiment too, so your participants don’t have to wait a long time for upload to complete at the end. If you just have one or two short recordings, it might not be worth it